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´╗┐Lower Merion boys' soccer team earns 900th win On a cold and windy Saturday morning at Great Valley High School, the Lower Merion boys' soccer squad earned its 900th win since the program's inception in 1924, beating the host Patriots, 5 1. Lower Merion received goals from Sasha Safavi, Matias Fernandez Duque, Kenny Lassiter and two from Ben Hriscu. Sophomore Matthew Lindheim was instrumental in starting many of the plays that led to the Aces' goals. According to sources within the Lower Merion High School boys' soccer program, only two other Pennsylvania high school boys' soccer programs are known to have at least 900 wins Frankford (912) and Liberty (909). The Lower Merion High School boys' soccer program has won the PIAA state championship once, captured 10 Central League championships, won six district titles and captured 31 overall league championships. Lower Merion has had players drafted into Major League Soccer, sent players to top level Division One college soccer programs and has had some of its coaches inducted into the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Hall of Fame. Having started in 1924 under coach Harold Helveston on the long grass field at Lower Merion, much has changed over the years in the Lower Merion boys' soccer program from wearing white and maroon cotton shirts, with the numbers hand sewn on them, to wearing scientifically tested Nike jerseys; from using a leather ball that when wet almost seemed as though you were trying to kick a 10 pound medicine ball, to the new water repellent and wind tunnel tested soccer balls. From having goalkeepers use cotton gloves only to help protect their hands from the sting of a hard shot to the new soft foam gloves that almost make the ball stick to the hands. From the once simple soccer cleat, which was a few pieces of leather, to the new carbon fiber ultra lightweight cleats that many players now adorn, many things have changed, but the one thing at Lower Merion nike y20 that has not changed is the habit of winning. If you have ever been a part of Lower Merion High School soccer, or ever seen a game, you will see that the Aces are not just a team, but a nike 180 air family. It is seldom you can go to a Lower Merion game and not see former players and coaches in the stands, wishing that they could even run the grueling "Aces races." Having its own alumni association and annual alumni game, it's easy to remain a part of the famed program. This 900th victory is a testament to everyone who has ever nike 6051 put on a soccer jersey at Lower Merion, ever videotaped a game, ever set up the snack stand at a home game, to anyone who has ever been a part of the Lower Merion soccer family.