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´╗┐Nowitzkis Feverish NBA Game 4 The NBA's game 4 played in Dallas, Texas, last night had all the theaterical ingredients of the South Beach's flashiness juxtaposed against the Old Wild West. The finely tuned Porsches, BMW's and Lambroghini's arrived in Dallas prepared to race Texas's finest quarter horses to go up 3 to 1 in this tightly contested series; but all this superbly engineered machinery slowly ground to a halt because the fine sand like grit stirred up by the Mavericks clogged Miami's air intake valves and the Miami Heat could run no more by game's end. The Miami Heat rode into Dallas for a high noon gun fight to the death with the Dallas Mavericks. Miami's principal gunslinger, Lebron James, is highly regarded with the reputation of outdueling his opponents masterfully in contests of this sort throughout the years. Tonight, LeBron ,would have to battle with another highly regarded gunslinger by the name of Dirk Nowitzki, Miami's lawman assigned to defend Dallas's honor and the Mavericks right to continue on in the Championship playoffs. Who will prevail in this contest can be highlighted by the comparable game statistics of LeBron Jame and Dirk Nowitzki. LeBron played 46 minutes and scored 8 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists. Dirk played 39 minutes and scored 21 points, 11 rebounds, and 1 assist. While statistics do not always tell the complete story it is important to note that this was LeBron's lowest score, 8 points, in his career. Yet, even when great scorers have off nights, they find a way to spark their team in other areas such as defense, rebounding, or providing something as basic as leadership. The spectacular passes he delivered was overshadowed by his passive offense and the easy shots that he missed. Where was LeBron that aggressively and almost surgerically drives to the basket and scores at will. Where was LeBron with his imposing physical presence and stature providing commanding leadership that wills his team to victory. What we say was LeBron winged by an aging player, Jason Kidd, who he should have easily have dominated offensively and defensively. LeBron's team contributions during game 4 will be critically examined by all sports enthusiasts if Miami falls short and does not win the prize, the NBA Championship. Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas nike 2in1 shorts Mavericks continue nike 2 iron to show "grit" during this Championship series. Nowitzki played the game with a 101 degree temperature which he dismissed as a sinus infection. Despite missing at one point 11 of 12 shots Dirk found a way to ignite the Dallas Mavericks fire and when his outside jump shots would not fall drove fearlessly to the rim time after time. To cap off game 4, Dirk drove to the basket with 14.9 seconds left guarded by Udonis Haslem and helped seal the 86 83 win over the Miami Heat. Dirk's 101 degree fever did not deter him in his mission to win an NBA basketball chamipionship. His grit and determination is the way a champion has to play totally committed despite the odds or conditions. With the count now even, 2 games to 2 games, give me quarterhorses and fever everytime; strong steel is forged in hot fires and c-walk shoes nike the smallest grit can slow or stop the finest engineered automobile.