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´╗┐List of 41 arrested in Polk County retail theft bust Naomi Guy, DOB 10/28/83, of 710 Strain in Lakeland; charged with: one count Felony Retail Theft (3rd or Subsequent Offense); Guy was with Shane Larmon; she was observed stealing shorts and a shirt valued at $20.00 from the Beall Outlet in north Lakeland; she receives gov assistance; her criminal history includes: Petit Theft, Shoplifting, VOP, Robbery, Battery, FTA, Giving False Name to LEO, Grand Theft, Fraud; she was just released from the Polk County Jail on March 4, 2014; she has been additionally charged by another nike flyknit trainer PCSO detective in an active Fraud case during which she cashed forged checks at Amscot. Robert Lee Nelson, DOB 04/06/71, Lakeland; charged with: Retail Theft (Felony) Resisting Merchant; arrested at the Home Depot located north Lakeland, he concealed breakers and copper with a monetary value of $847.09. He was trespassed from Home Depot; he is receiving public assistance. Criminal history: extensive dating to 1988: Resisting w/o Disorderly; Resisting w/o, disorderly, FTA, cocaine possession; disorderly night prowl, cocaine sale, cocaine possession, trespass; cocaine possess, fleeing to elude, resisting w/o, escape, cocaine sale, obstruction; resisting w/o; GTA LEO Battery; forgery/uttering x 2, grand theft x 2; forgery grand theft; Cocaine possession, introducing drug/weapon in county facility. Douglas Burnett, DOB 06/29/1966; Lakeland; charged with Felony Retail theft; Possession of Cannabis under 20 nike quarter zip pullover grams; Warrant for Burglary; and VOP; he was arrested at the south Lakeland Wal Mart for concealing a bicycle light with a monetary value of $28.86. During a search incident to arrest, he was found to be in possession of cannabis less than 20 grams. He was trespassed from Wal Mart . He is receiving public assistance. Criminal history (extensive): 1984 Burglary, Grand Theft, Petit Theft; 1985 VOP, Grand theft, Burglary, Loitering Resisting w/o, VOP; 1996 Resisting, FTA, Burglary, FTA, DSP; 2002 petit theft, Resisting, False name to LEO, Burglary, grand theft, petit theft; 2011 GTA, VOP; 2012 grand theft. Willie Lee White, Jr., DOB, 03/04/63, 520 W. Myrtle, Lakeland; charged with retail theft; he was arrested at the Bealls Outlet in north Lakeland for concealing four bottles of cologne valued at $19.96. He was trespassed from Bealls. He nike 1s is currently receiving public assistance. He has an extensive criminal history with over 40 previous arrests: Disorderly; Resisting w/o; GTA; shoplifting; FTA; Cocaine; cannabis, grand theft, robbery, VOP; L P; VOP Cocaine; Criminal Sexual Battery Neglect Child; Cocaine battery; robbery w/o a firearm; Petit Theft 3rd conviction); Carrying Concealed; Burglary; Shoplifting; Petit Theft Tee Valentine Vanover, DOB 01/10/1978, Lakeland; charged with retail theft; he was arrested at the Target located on Harden Blvd. in Lakeland for concealing clothing items valued at approximately $193.59 on his person. He was trespassed from Target. He is receiving public assistance. He has an extensive criminal history including 36 arrests in Polk County since 1996: Concealed weapon; robbery, cocaine; trespass, disorderly, FTA, VOP; failure to leave property; trespass; counterfeiting, DWLSR, Forgery, Alter public record, giving false name, battery; VOP; 2004 Cocaine; resisting w/o, VOP; VOP; Cocaine; trespass. Dustin Williams, DOB 08/21/1987; 191 Dairy Road, A, Auburndale; charged with possession of cannabis under 20 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia; he was with Dustin Williams; while detectives were awaiting a tow truck for an unrelated incident, Mr. Williams and the co defendant arrived on scene rolling a marijuana cigarette. Criminal history: 2006 Criminal mischief, VOP, Assault; 2007 marijuana possession trespass; 2008 VOP battery; 2010 possession of liquor by minor battery; 2011 kidnapping, sexual assault, burglary battery; 2012 trasnport dangerous material FTA.