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´╗┐Nike Run Club SF (1) Follow proper Reddiquette and the subreddit Posting Procedures. Keep it civil and do not make threats or use excessive foul language. Harassment and hate speech will not be tolerated. The moderation team reserves the right to remove content or restrict user posting privileges as necessary. (2) Low effort low quality posts, recent reposts, chronically repetitive posts and posts not directly related to running are subject to removal at the moderation team discretion. (4) No advertising. Any user who wishes to giveaway an item or link users to a poll/survey must receive approval from the moderation team with adequate notice BEFORE making the post. Please do not submit threads solely for the purpose of collecting/raising funds for your event nike investor relations or to help you pay for your entry into an event. (5) Please do not post elite race results in the title of posts. (6) Obvious trolling will result in removal. (7) Displaying detailed personal information of anyone other than yourself is prohibited. Submission of content focused on ousting cheaters will be removed at the moderation team discretion. (8) Do not solicit or offer medical advice. This includes anyone else experienced this injury? type posts. (9) Do not submit photos, videos, or memes that add nothing to the discussion. Please keep all submission titles brief. Do not use excessive emoji characters in the titles of posts. (10) The Rule Individual posts highlighting bodily functions such as bowel movements will be removed at discretion of the moderation team. I always, always, always run alone. I run between 50 60 MPW and am serious about my running. I tried running with my SO, but that led to some serious disharmony in our relationship (Lol never knew I could bicker and while doing Gp until recently). Anyways, I appreciate the alone time and introspection running provides, but always get a huge boost of energy from running a race being around and connecting with others. I am a person who is easily sociable, but anxiety has always prevented me from attending any running club in my area. Actually, anxiety has stopped me from doing a lot of cool things. But I digress. Last night I happened to be off work and remembered that the Nike store (Nike Town down town San Francisco) has their run club. It literally took me 2 hours to psych myself up to get out the door, but I went and it was awesome. All of my concerns would I be too slow? Would I be too fast(Lol)? Would everyone be super lame? Would everyone think I am super lame? Would I panic and have nothing to say to anyone? Would they have a pacer for the time I wanted to run? All of those stupid panicky anxiety fueled questions were met with an amazing experience. Everything was extremely well organized. You show up at the store, sign your name and grab a little print out of directions depending on how far you want to run (2, 4.5, or 6 miles). I was immediately greeted by several people (some who worked there and some just participants) who seemed genuinely happy I was there and who made easy and friendly conversation until the run started. I would estimate 50 75 people showed up and we all ran our e width nike shoes own paces. It was so cool to have mini chats with people on the road as either you passed them or they passed you. The rout they mapped out for us (I chose the 6 miler) was beautiful and fun, leading us all the way to Coit Tower and back! Upon arriving back at the Nike store, our coat checked bags and jackets were waiting for us, along with free snacks and refreshments. I will definitely be blocking off my Wednesday nights for this. Sorry for the wall of text, and thanks for letting me share my experience here /r/running. Hopefully someone else like me (who maybe has anxiety about this kind of thing) might give a run club a shot. And nike shoes old school if you in SF and want to meet up next Wednesday, lets go!