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´╗┐University of nike outlet Connecticut Semester 2 If I had one piece of advice for those of you considering student exchange, absolutely no hesitation JUST DO IT (as Nike likes to say). It hard for me to put into words what an absolutely amazing experience it really is. I am currently a third year arts student studying psychology and for my exchange I studied in America at the University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus. Academically, subjects nike elite socks I chose whilst overseas credit back only as electives due to Psychology subjects being particularly hard to match with other schools. Whilst it was quite a challenge initially choosing subjects and then enrolling into them (which involved emailing professors individually and asking for permission numbers) the subjects I chose turned out to be quite interesting. I even had the opportunity to learn a language, of which I had never even considered, and now hope to continue back at UQ. Maybe it was the subjects I chose but for me the workload in America seemed to be much easier and the professors a lot more lenient. Assessments were much smaller and worth less overall but there was definitely a lot more of them. You find yourself with more A then you ever seen at university level. If given the opportunity definitely live on campus. I lived in a 2 bedroom, 4 person apartment in Apartment Complex My apartment was large enough for each person to have their own space, plus we also had our own kitchen and living room. I was also lucky enough to be placed with 3 girls whom I clicked with instantly. They really made my experience at UConn and have easily become some nike uptempo 97 of my best friends. As to everything else the movies don lie. Sports games, tailgating, fraternities, sororities, campus dining halls, dorm rooms, Americans is bigger, more exciting and so much fun.