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The 6 Best Kinect Fitness Games Play Your Way To HealthThis list of the best Kinect fitness games will help you choose the right game to help you get in shape and stay fit! If you haven't had a chance to try out the Kinect yet, you'll be surprised how suited it is to helping you exercise. And if you own a Kinect, you'll want to know the best games to maximize your workout productivity. After all, there's no point in using the Kinect to get fit unless you find a fitness game that's suited to your own abilities, interests, and needs! Honorable MentionsJillian Michaels Fitness Adventure: This recent entry into the Kinect workout genre has you working on your core while exploring a variety of fun on screen environments. Guess Jillian decided not to stick with the Biggest Loser franchise this time around. Zumba Fitness Core: Love Zumba? Want to focus on strengthening your core? Check out the latest Zumba Kinect game, which features new ways to tap into the dance inspired craze. Dance Central 3: Trey says in the comments below, "Dance Central 2 works better for me than anything. Sure, I feel like a goober half the time, but those dances on hard are truly a cardio blast." Although it's not strictly a Kinect fitness game, it does provide a great workout. It's also been voted the second best Kinect game out of all the titles available in the comments. 4: Zumba Fitness Rush Groove Yourself To HealthThis game brings Zumba, the new exercise class dance craze, into the comfort of your nike tracksuit own living room. You can use this great Kinect workout game without anyone else having to see you get good at the moves first! Many people have gotten fit using Zumba over the years since it was first introduced; it's a great combination of music that gets you pumped and moves that get your heart pumping. They've fixed the motion issues that plagued the original game, and this remake has received excellent reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. 2: Nike+ Kinect Training A New Way to Feel the BurnNike has always been a brand associated with athletic excellence, and their newest foray into motion controlled gaming is no exception. Progress in the game results in real world rewards in the form of NikeFuel points. There's a strong focus on becoming part of the community, and you can get messages from Nike athletes and trainers to keep you on track. If you want more outside support and accountability in your at home fitness regimen, this game is for you. J101 2 years ago I remember playing dance central as a boy. Check out the all new online fitness game which uses your video workouts to stimulate your self progression. fire218 4 years ago good way to get those video game heads exercising. socialcx1 4 years ago I can see why people enjoy these fitness games. Looks like they work. Peter Messerschmidt 4 years ago from Port Townsend, WA, USA Some very useful information here! I've HEARD about these fitness games, but have never actually tried them. but it sounds like a winner, especially for those of us who really hate going to a gym. JimmPlus 4 years ago Great recommendation. I like EA Sports Active 2 with the heart monitor. Way to go man. drmork 4 years ago I am really having fun with Zumba Fitness! Great lens! Good suggestions. sojourner 1 4 years ago The Kinect Fitness videos are such a great way of getting nike shoes grey fit with a trainer, without the huge cost of g dragon nike shoes gym fees. Some people will like them, others of course won't. I think they are great.