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People, who suffer from prostate, are required different methods of medical and other treatment. Men frequently suffer from this illness and experience unpleasant feelings. You can’t leave this disease without any attention and must do to the doctor for the recommendations. One of the helpful ways of treatment is Tamsulosin generic. This medicine has also another name, Tamsulosin. In different stores it differs in its price.

Considering its work, the medicine relaxes the muscles in prostate so that you stop feeling discomfort. Women and children mustn’t use it at all. Also it can not suit everybody according to the special features of your body. So, before start using it you’d better consult the doctor. In this case you will avoid other problems, which can be cause by incorrect treatment. You can make tests, like blood, for example, and only after that you are free to use Tamsulosin.

As to the dosages of the medicine, it is preferred to take it once a day after meal. Every day you have to take it at the same time. Then after a couple of weeks you can increase it. You also can do this if you have no any strange feelings or side effects.

Side effects can sometime appear. People, who have problems with blood pressure. Elderly people also must be careful, because at this age the body is more sensitive. So, regular tests will be helpful. People, who have cancer, are not allowed to take it too. The medicine can cause some problems and side effects. Usually you may feel dizziness. You must not take any alcohol, because it interferes the work of the medicine. Avoid also hard activities, like sport. It can be difficult for you. It is also recommended to avoid driving or other activities, which require concentration. Tamsulosin makes your attention not so sharp.

If you are not sure, if it will be secure for you to use Tamsulosin, better speak to the doctor. Together with him you will decide, if any difficulties with your health possible. Also you will decide the appropriate dosage and the time of treatment. If after a short period of time you feel that the medicine doesn’t suit you, change it. Moreover, don’t take Tamsulosin together with other similar medicines. Some people think that such treatment will make the effect better. But that’s not true. The effect can become even worse and cause side effects. So, don’t do any experiments.

If you forgot to take a pill, don’t take it twice later. Ask the doctor, what to do in such a way. In other case you may cause an overdose. If an overdose happened, you must ask your doctor for help and make all important tests. Then you doctor will decide, if you can take the medicine further or not.