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Common use

It is prescribed to use Raloxifene for prevention and treatment of bone loss (osteoporosis) in femail patient after menopause. If a patient maintains bones structure and use the preparation to slow down these losses, it helps to prevent fractures. The preparation has another action in comparison with hormones (estrogen and those including progestins). Raloxifene contributes to maintaining bone mass. It is not recommended to use Raloxifene for females before menopause.


Before using Raloxifene, make sure that the preparation suits you. All you ought to do is to consult with a specialist.

Take it orally. Specialist recommend taking Raloxifene once a day with or without food. Remeber to take Raloxifene at the same time. Don’t forget to include vitamin D and calcium in your ration. Consult a specialist to make sure that you need indeed to take these supplements.


Before patients use Raloxifene, they do need to learn about all the precautions.

Tell the specialist if you have any allergic reactions; blood clots (for example, deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, pulmonary veins retina). Lack of movements can increase the chance of blood clots. Your physician will instruct you to stop taking Raloxifene for at least three days before surgery or for a long period of inactivity (for example, bed rest).

Start taking Raloxifene after you become active again. Your doctor should know about all your medical problems, in particular: liver disease, heart failure, cancer, high level of cholesterol in the blood, about history (triglycerides. This medicine is prohibited during pregnancy. In case you become pregnant or are planning, inform your doctor immediately. It is not known is, whether this drug gets into breast milk. Breastfeeding while using Raloxifene is not advisable.

Side effects

In order to avoid unwanted problems, never use Raloxifene if it has not been approved by your health care provider.

As for ERaloxifene side effects, you can experience hot flashes, sweating, convulsions (legs). Notify your doctor in case of deterioration or any acute side effects. Many people taking this medicine should not have side effects. ERaloxifene sometimes cause serious blood clots, in the legs, lungs, or in the eyes. If you have such unusual, but severe side effects breathing problems, chest pains, swelling of the legs / pain, vision changes, your doctor should learn about it immediately.

Drug interaction

Your doctor might already be familiar with any possible Raloxifene interaction. Your doctor is sure to know about all the drugs that you are taking, in particular: diazepam, diazoxide, estrogens, kolestiramin (or other anion-exchange resins), warfarin, lidocaine. Your doctor needs to be told that you are taking or have taken them before you spend, rent, laboratory tests, as it may influence them.

Raloxifene shouldn’t be combined with cholestyramine, anion exchange resin, which significantly reduces its absorption. Such changes are often observed in analytical concentrations in therapy Raloxifene: increase HDL fraction-2-cholesterol and apolipoprotein A1 in plasma, reduction of plasma total cholesterol, fibrinogen, LDL-cholesterol, apolipoprotein b and lipoprotein (a).

Raloxifene moderately increases the concentration of globulin, including globulin with a corresponding increase in the total nominal concentration of hormones.


Raloxifene is not used with other analogues of the preparation. Follow all instructions you get from the doctor and the laboratory. You should pass through physical examination, chest and pelvis, and a PAP test (on vaginal cancer) at least once a year. Patients are also recommended to have periodic mammography study.

Follow the doctor’s instructions, how to conduct a breast exam. Tell about any unusual vaginal bleeding, pain in Rudy, or seals, immediately. Certain changes, such as a balanced diet that contains sufficient amount of vitamin D and Calcium, giving up smoking and limitations in the use of alcohol may help you with this disease. Medical tests (bone x-rays, the level of minerals in the blood) ought to be performed periodically to monitor your treatment results or identify side effects for Raloxifene.