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People, who have such health problems, as diabetes, always suffer a lot because they have to lead a special way of life. You always have to control the quantity of sugar in your body and blood. That’s why such people have a special diet, which doesn’t contain sugar; they take some medicines, which help to control this level of sugar. It is very difficult, because you can’t always do what you want. Frequent visits to the doctor are also obligatory, so as medical tests.

The treatment of diabetes includes medicals, which regulate and control the levels of sugar in your body. They are rather varied and many of them are very effective. But now in this article we will offer you description of another medicine, which was created for people, who suffer from such kind of problem. We will speak about Metformin generic. This medicine reduces the level of sugar in the body and makes your body digest glucose better. So, with the help of the medicine you will need less insulin and at the same time your weight won’t increase, as it may happen while taking other medicines of the same class. Metformin is good for the diabetes of type 1 and 2.

Usually doctors give you prescription for this medicine. You must be sure that you really need it and won’t have side effects.

As to the dosages of the medicine, the most popular and frequent one is 500 mg. Usually doctors prescribe you to take Metformin 500 mg. You will take it orally every day after your meal. It is taken once a day in the morning, but the doctor may change it. You begin taking the medicine of this quantity, and them you usually increase the dose up to 750 mg and take it several times a day, somewhere 2-3 times, according to the recommendations and doctor’s prescriptions. The medicine is well absorbed in the body if you don’t have any restrictions and digest it well.

You must be careful when you use Metformin with some other medicines and take them together. Some of the medicines can react badly one to another and you will get bad or damaging effect. So, you must consult your doctor if you are going to take other medicines at the same time. As to side effects, which you may meet, they can be: stomachache and vomiting, loss of appetite and strange taste in your mouth. Allergic reactions also can take place, so make tests to know it for sure.

There is also a range of people, who are not allowed to use Metformin. They are people, who experience problems and serious diseases of liver and kidneys, all heart diseases and problems and infections. All these disease won’t accept the medicine and will cause other problems. Also pregnant women and women, who are breast feeding, also can’t take it in order not to make harm to the baby. If you have ever had operations or traumas, you must tell the doctor about it and maybe he won’t also let you taking the medicine.

We hope that the information, written above, helped you to understand the peculiarities of the medicine. You can find some information about it on the leaflet of the medicine, but it is more general to suit a wide range of patients.