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To treat erectile dysfunction you can go to the doctor and discuss with him which medicine to choose. As erectile dysfunction is caused frequently at people, there must be a lot of medicines for its treatment. Though their action are practically the similar, they are always improved. Scientists try to make these medicine more effective to make them work faster, better and cause less side effects. They try to find more other components, which will be new and have other action. But until now we have only similar components, which are combined in different treatments.

We want to tell you about one of these new medicines, which were discovered not long ago and treats erectile dysfunction even better. This is Tadalafil, a rather new modern treatment. But now it works faster and more properly. Now it has less contradictions and causes less side effects. Other similar meds are rather good, but it is a traditional medicine, which has been discovered and checked long ago and for a long time. Though there are no reasons not to believe this one. It is a good advantage of Tadalafil is that you now may take it if earlier you had some precautions about other classical medicines.

You will quickly treat your erectile problems with the help of Tadalafil. You will make it even easier to find it in the drug stores.

So, now closer to the medicine and its action and other detail and descriptions. Let’s discuss, why it is so effective, how it works and what difficulties you may cause and experience.

As you may already know, the medicines such a type of work, makes more blood coming to the penis so erection comes faster and easily. The pill makes the erection come, then it lasts while you have sex and then, as soon as you finish, the erection stops. So you have no discomfort and can have sex as if you have no problems with health. But the medicine doesn't mean that erection will just come because you will take a pill or two. You must stimulate your feelings as usual when you have sex without medicine. The medicine will just help you if you can’t have erection, its just stimulating erection. But as soon as you take a course of medicine like Tadalafil, you will cure this illness and will no need to take it any more.

So, the usage is one of more important point about Tadalafil. It is rather simple and you will not have to make any special schedule or scheme for this. Just a very simple way of usage makes much comfort for you. You must take one pill every day. Unlike classic medicines which you use to treat dysfunction you mustn't take it right before having sexual activity. This great innovation makes the usage even more simple. If you are using some other ED drugs then you had to take them always with you. But everything may happen, either you forget them at home or something like that. So now you can just take a pill in the morning before you go out.

The only thing you must decide is the dose of the pill that there may be different doses, usually they are 20 mg. If you don’t know whether you need more or not, ask your pharmacist. Some people need this dose, others will need more. Some people are just not affected by the medicine because the dosage is to small for them. Do not use the medicine if you have heart problems. When you have sex your heart works faster and needs more blood. But if you have some heart problems then you may get heart attack or stroke or consequences may be even worse, up to death case. Among the side effects, which may occur except these ones, you can have headaches or pains of muscles. But these effects were recognized at a little percent of men, about 5 percent. So, the side effects are usually unlikely. A good distinction is that with this medicine you are unlike to have prolonged erection, which is usually treated also like side effect. This certainly may sometimes occur, but at patients, who had been tested, this symptom hasn't been mentioned.

As you see in description of the medicine, Tadalafil is very safe and causes practically no side effects. It makes it more popular then others, even then old classical medicals.